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UI and UX Designing - Complementing Each Other for Better User Experience!

“Design” is a broad term which is associated with number of responsibilities. In the tech space, design mainly refers to web or graphic designing. With new technologies coming every day, best UI UX designing companies in Indiasharethe responsibility in this new way of web designing. UI and UX Design is not merely limited to the look of a website rather it focuses on the ease of use and influence branding of a company. Both of them complement each other because one helps you to have great design and the latter is responsible for its functional aspects. Smartech, a leading website designing company in Delhi is ready to assist you for the same. UX Design stands for User experience design while UI means user interface design. UXdesign is analytical and technical; UI design is closer to graphic design. The user interface can be understood as way of how a user interacts while user experience is about how user feels while using the gadget. Though they seem similar yet have different functionality, however both contribute to a strong web presence.

UI and UX Designing

Benefits of UI/UX

Focusing on looks over functionality

An aesthetically pleasing website is a good thing, but a functional website is a necessity. Customers will still come to a website that is plain but usable. Conversely, they will avoid a site that is pretty but does not work correctly.

Increase conversion

User research and data will give you real insights for improving your conversion rates (online purchases, registration, bookings etc.). You can find out where users are dropping out, frustrated, and where they have trouble understanding your offerings.

User experience is crucial to seo

Search engines love great user experience! Google gives you a rating to improve results in both organic search results and with Google Add Words. The user experience of your site is a main part of their calculation for your rating.

How We Do it?

As a leading UI and UX designing company in India, we always take care of understanding your business requirement first. Unlike others, we are specific about how the product is designed. At Smartech, we take charge of designing every page with which a user interacts and make sure that the UI visually convey the best look and feel of a website. Our professional UI designers undertake the mission to create a cohesive style guide and thus, ensure applying the consistent design language across the product.We leave no stones unturned to work on the overall feel of the product.

Latest Trends in UI/UX Services

Since its launch, UI/UX services have experienced changing trends. Latest trends in UI include applying full-screen video, illustrations, typography and long form content along with scrolling and experimental navigation. While UX trends talk about time-saving design, smarter personalization, broader UX role and metrics beyond the interface.When it comes to providing UI and UX services, new trends can’t be ignored.

Benefits of UI/UX for Your Company

How would you feel if someone visits your website and have a great user experience? Well, best UI designing company for website understands it and comes up with great outcome in terms of services. A good company always takes care of elements like layout, fonts, placement of company name & logo, widgets, social media icons and sitemap. None wants to distract users because customer response is what matters the most for any business. Having a web site designed in UI or UX will not only make your website stand out but also lets you win the competition with delightful user experience.

Our Work

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